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  • Swedish Beauty

    When you live really close to a lake its hard to take the fishing there serious, and I really don’t want to take the fishing in my home lakes too serious. They should last my whole life and I don’t wanna catch all fish in there, that should take away my interest totally. But one fish I felt I must…

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  • Fishing in Skåne, Sweden

    Jonas Jonsson, our only Swedish carp farmer had invited me to go for a few days to Tegelbruksdammen in Lomma. I couldn’t say no to that, the lake is normally closed for guests but we were allowed to do a few days in the well known clublake. Tegelbruksdammen is maybe not as good as it has been 6-7 years ago…

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  • Carplantis, The Netherlands

    Last week I did a 7 nights session in Carplantis, Holland together with my carp dogs Olga & Hoya. Carplantis is a lake that really turns me on, even if its a quite small lake with all facilities that makes it extremely comfortable, its still a quite hard challenge and you need to work for every single fish. Because the…

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