Carplantis, The Netherlands

Carplantis, The Netherlands
March 6, 2021 admin

Last week I did a 7 nights session in Carplantis, Holland together with my carp dogs Olga & Hoya. Carplantis is a lake that really turns me on, even if its a quite small lake with all facilities that makes it extremely comfortable, its still a quite hard challenge and you need to work for every single fish. Because the lake is really deep ( around 14 meters) you never really know which depth the fish will feed on if they want to feed at all?

I think I was first to try the lake after the ice was gone and the water was really cold ( about 4.5-5 degrees) in the start of the week, and after consulting the owner, Koos Walters I decided to try Plato. He had seen some fish on the sonar there a few days before, and that was also the only swim in the lake I had not tried yet so it wasn’t a hard decision.

I worked really hard to try to find fish with the sonar, and just fish a small bag with Carplantis pellets together with a small wafter as close as possible to things that looked like carp on the sonar, it felt like the way forward in the cold water.

Already 11 pm I had my first bite on a cutdown OJ wafter from a spot where Koos also seen fish a few days before. After a quite fast battle in the boat I could net my first fish of the trip, a chunky common at 19kg. What a great start!

After that the lake was almost dead, and when I got a bite I was unlucky enough to loose it. In the middle of the week I had another common, this time the smallest fish I ever had from the lake but I was really happy anyway, at least there was fish feeding around my baits. And to be honest it wasn’t that small anyway, if I caught it in Sweden I should have been over the moon. The scales stopped at 14.275kg so it was quite good!

Even if it was winter the temperature went up slowly and the last day of my session it felt really nice and carpy. Jeroen Bakker who knows the lake well came down to the lake for a few hours chat and a few cups of coffe and we both had the feeling that something must happen very soon. And it did! At around 4 pm I had a good bite on a rod I was fishing locked up to be sure that the fish should not have the possibility to reach the three I was fishing quite close to, and after pulling the fish away from that I had a great battle from the boat. After a good fight, Jeroen helped me with the landing net and when we got the fish on the unhooking mat we could see that it was a really good one.

The scales stopped at 22.675kg and I was happy, definitely the biggest common I ever caught in The Netherlands.

This was also the last fish from this trip, I lost one more from a hookpull after a few minutes fight  just half an hour after my last capture but I wasn’t so worried about that, the common I had before was more than enough so I was really happy.

Big thanks to Koos for creating a great water and invite me to fish there and to Bakker who is always helpful and friendly, you are two great guys!

Already looking forward to next visit in September!