Fishing in Skåne, Sweden

Fishing in Skåne, Sweden
May 18, 2021 admin

Jonas Jonsson, our only Swedish carp farmer had invited me to go for a few days to Tegelbruksdammen in Lomma. I couldn’t say no to that, the lake is normally closed for guests but we were allowed to do a few days in the well known clublake. Tegelbruksdammen is maybe not as good as it has been 6-7 years ago but its still an amazing water with loads of beautiful fish.

To go fishing with Jonas is also so much more than just fishing, he loves good food so there will always be a great BBQ.

We had an amazing session on the lake, with 8 landed fish between us and even if we where a bit unlucky with the weights they were all extremely good looking. The biggest of our 48 hours session was an almost perfect linear just over 12kg. They really love SBM:s  “ Hagaspecial ” together with a White Secret on top of it.

When Jonas went home to Aneboda to take care of his carp farm I went straight away to another lake, a really low stocked natural lake at over 100 hectares. I had been pre-baited there for a while and now it was time to reap the rewards… At least that was what I hoped for.

It didn’t took long time after reaching the lake to realize there where fish on my baited spots. I could see a few cruising around in the bay and by wading out through the reeds very careful I had my rods out within an hour, with just a handful of baits around.

Just before it went dark that night I had a savage take on my shallowest rod, there were big waves on the surface before I even heard my bite alarm. After a hard fight in the reeds I could weigh in a beautiful mirror at 13.325kg. What a great start! And in a water where I only caught a handful of fish the last 10 years.

It was a lovely evening and night and I played with the dogs, drank some beer and just enjoyed life. I know there where more fish in the bay and early in the morning it was time for one more fish. A perfect common just over 12kg.

The wind changed during the day and even if I landed 2 fish the first night I felt it was time for a move, and try another spot that I had been baiting up for a while. I wanted to try it so hard cause I knew that it maybe should be my only chance for a while, the next night was planned to spend together with Nicclas Oscarsson in another lake we had been baiting for a while.

My move was definitely worth the effort, the coming night gave me one more stunning mirror at 14.65Kg.

Around lunch next day Nicclas and I met up at the new lake and we both where excited to try it. I had caught some really nice young fish there 20 years ago, and they could be really big now. And everything was really well prepared and we where quite sure we should catch some fish.

After 24 hours we had both decided that we hate the lake and don’t want to sit there anymore. After a dead night we decided to take the boat to try and see any fish and even if the conditions where super perfect with sun and almost no wind we couldn’t see a sign of any carp in the whole lake. We decided to leave, and double up for two days on the spot I left a day before where I caught the linear fish at 14.65kg.

Our move felt like a good choice even if we knew it was a spot with a little bit too much people walking around with dogs and playing with their kids etc but it could be worth that If we had a good chance on some nice fish!

The last two days of this session was totally dead for me except some bream but it was an honour to help Nicclas who caught a new common PB already our first night. It was really shallow and lots of reeds around so he had to play it from boat to have a chance to get it on the bank. The scale stopped at 13.75kg so it was well worth the effort!