Follow me now on a journey of more than 1000 nights over more than 20 years in Sweden and many other European countries in search of the mythical carp.

This book is available in both English and Swedish.

2-5 days delivery.

Would you like to go to Sweden on an exclusive fully guided carptrip in some of Swedens most beautiful waters with stunning Swedish carp?

(yes they are well known from Eurobanx 4 and we can visit them all, even the one we have to poach)

Bring your own alarms, reels, sleepingbag and end tackle and I will supply you with the rest (freezer baits from Swedish Bait Mechanics that suits the lakes we fish in, SBM or Harrison rods, Nash Titan bivvies, trakker beds etc)
Pick up and leave on AirPort in Malmoe or Gothenburg
7 nights fishing in 3-4 different lakes including Hagasjön.
2 Big bbq evenings
Everyday you have the possibility to visit a supermarket for food supply! (I am your guide through the week and will try to keep you happy)

How do I win?
Order my book ”1000 Nights – My life as a carp angler” (delivery in end of June) and you have 1 chance in 250!
As soon as the first 250 books is ordered I will make a draw and I will arrange the trip together with the winner ( this autumn or next summer depending on what you like)

About the book:
This is the first book ever thats written in english that gives you a good insght in Swedish carpfishing. Loads of big fish stories from Sweden of course, but also from many well known waters in Europe…
Lac du der Chantecoq, Rainbow Lake, Euroaqua, Zajarki, Domaine de la Ribiere, Lake Bled, Shumbar, The Ebro and so on…
420 pages written by a carp angler for carp anglers, with guestchapters from well known European anglers:
Steve Briggs, Kristof Cuderman, Alan Blair, Gary Benney, Damir Trupkovic, Rikard Bengtsson & Mattias Berglund.

Exclusive design

Matt laminated cover with bound back of textile – more than 400 pages – 20 x 25 cm – printed on uncoated paper for the best experience. Limited edition.

400 pictures

More than 400 carp fishing pictures from both completely unknown lakes & ponds out in the southern Swedish countryside to some of Europe’s most well-known big carp waters.

Guest chapters

Guest chapters from dedicated carp anglers from all over Europe!


At the end of June 1996, together with Anders Agardson, I fished for carp “seriously” for the first time. I was in fact convinced that it would be a one-off thing, possibly something I would do a couple of times a year if it was fun. How wrong you can be! I went from being an allround angler with my main interest in specimen fishing, to a completely obsessed carp angler! It most probably happened the moment I caught my first carp even if it took a few years before I realised that there wasn’t a single day of the year when I didn’t think about carp, fish for carp, talk about carp or do something related to carp fishing! Follow me now on a journey of more than 1000 nights over more than 20 years in Sweden and many other European countries in search of the mythical carp.

Read more and see drafts from the book.